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patterns for friendship bracelets

patterns for kandi bead jewellery

the marvellous breadfish

pointer pointer

the most amazing website on the internet (warning for a lot of bright and flashing images)

internet explorer is evil!

kaomoji (japanese emoticons)

usermade kaomoji

unicode characters

ascii art



will you press the button?

ai generated faces

ai generated cats


ascii art

jan misali's videos

defunctland's videos

folding ideas' videos

tech rules' videos

ahoy's videos

wendigoon's videos

lemmino's videos

trey the explainer's videos

ultimate iceberg videos playlist

jaubrey's videos

the right opinion's videos

saberspark's videos

breadsword's videos

nativlang's videos


roms, isos and other cool stuff


a game Boy music sequencer (lsdj)

a revival of flipnote (sudomemo)

lightsaber chopsticks

the shashibo

neon genesis garfield shirt

rei ayanami plush



inflatable dinosaur costume

garfield plush

cat maid costume

10000 robux

nerf minecraft hammer

copper rotary phone

french bulldog bluetooth speaker

led jellyfish tank